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Your IEEE BLP Profile Represents You - Update Today!  
NEWS | Published: Feb 8, 2017

We made it much easier to edit your profile and content. We recommend that you update your profile today to indicate your most current contact details, areas of interest in Blended Learning Program, education/career history, IEEE membership details, etc. Updating your profile periodically is a great help to us to know you better and design course material appropriately. You can also add a profile picture to make it more personable. The profile editing experience makes it easier to keep your information fresh and updated with just a few clicks.  

Quick and easy steps to update your IEEE BLP profile

Step 1: Sign in at using your username and password credentials 

Step 2: Hover over your name on the top-right side of the page 

Step 3: Click on 'My Profile' to edit your details 

Step 4: Remember to click on 'update' to save your changes

Step 5: You can go back to you learner dashboard by clicking on 'Dashboard' in the breadcrumbs path

Happy Blended Learning! 

Coming Soon! IEEE Blended Learning Program in Embedded Systems
NEWS | Published: Nov 1, 2016

In partnership with ARM, IEEE will be offering Embedded Systems courses focusing on Computing with Micro-controllers and Real world interfacing with Sensors. Starting with foundation courses, learners will obtain practical training in the field of Embedded Systems which forms the backbone of IOT as well as gaining necessary skills for hands-on projects and a successful career in this field. The courses will be available towards the end of Q2 2017. Stay tuned for the latest developments! 

Take Advantage of our 6 FREE Demo Courses in VLSI
NEWS | Published: Nov 1, 2016

IEEE Blended Learning Program now has 6 free demo courses that introduce you to a new topic in VLSI. These courses provide a glimpse of the latest in applied and immersive eLearning approach and help get you familiar with the platform. No purchase is necessary.

Free demo courses include:

To access the demo courses, register or sign-in at blended–

Ready to purchase a complete course? You have several options to purchase on our site:

  • Credit or Debit card
  • Net Banking (Corporation Bank)
  • CASH/CHEQUE/DD/NEFT (Corporation or Non-Corporation Banks)

IEEE Blended Learning Program is Now on YouTube- Subscribe Today!
NEWS | Published: Nov 1, 2016

Watch the latest industry expert interviews, course introduction videos and much more on our new YouTube Channel. You can learn about IEEE Blended Learning Program’s functionality and benefits, as well as view expert analysis videos and current Blended Learning news. More videos to come as we approach the New Year, so stay tuned! Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel today.

We're giving away 5 FREE eLearning courses in VLSI! Contest ends Sep 12, 2016
NEWS | Published: Aug 20, 2016

It's easy to win, just register or sign-in and complete any demo course on IEEE Blended Learning Program platform to enter. No purchase is necessary. Browser our series of FREE demo courses that cover the key segments in VLSI- Fundamentals of Digital Design, RTL Design & Verification, ASIC Design, Timing Analysis, and many more topics. You can access the elearning course in the comfort of your homes or colleges or offices, at your convenience over a web-browser. Learn more or register here.

Hurry! Deadline: September 12, 2016

Coming Soon! New Course- ASIC Design Flow
NEWS | Published: Aug 24, 2016

IEEE will launch a new course in VLSI-'ASIC Design Flow' in September 2016. The course will provide an overview of the complete ASIC Design i.e, from concept to silicon. You will learn the steps involved in designing an ASIC, what EDA tools are used, inputs and outputs of each stage, etc. The course is designed for undergraduate/postgraduate engineering students, new employees working in the field of VLSI design or employees seeking to move to a lateral position in VLSI domains. Learn more about course background and pre-requisites. 

Did you know that your IEEE Blended Learning Program's Certificate Contains a Unique Number?
NEWS | Published: Aug 24, 2016

A unique number on each certificate is a reference number that :

  • is unique to every course you complete on Blended Learning Program platform
  • you can share with your potential employers/recruiters to help them validate that you have completed the program 
  • identifies you as a unique user who completed a specific course 
  • creates a secure record of your recognized training and completion of IEEE Blended Learning course 
  • can be accessed online, anytime and anywhere

2 Simple Ways to Share Your Feedback and Comments
NEWS | Published: Aug 24, 2016

We value your opinion and experience with IEEE Blended Learning Program. Share your feedback with us via email or if you have completed a course on the Blended Learning platform, you can enter feedback on your Course details page by clicking on the blinking certificate ready icon. 

IEEE Blended Learning Program Scholarships Extended Until June 30, 2016
NEWS | Published: Jun 14, 2016

Don't miss your chance! Scholarship Opportunities Available!

Mouser Electronics, the global authorized distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is a major sponsor of the IEEE Blended Learning Program in VLSI.

In partnership with Mouser Electronics, IEEE Blended Learning Program scholarships are awarded to deserving students in India who are pursuing undergraduate/postgraduate studies in an accredited university in the fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering. To see if your college/university qualifies for the scholarship program, please request the Head of Department (HOD) or Professor of your institution to submit an inquiry here.

Hurry! Deadline: June 30, 2016

Learn more about the current course offerings in VLSI. 

IEEE Blended Learning Program Announces New Courses in VLSI in June 2016
NEWS | Published: Jun 14, 2016

IEEE announces three new courses in VLSI:

The demo course is now available on the platform.

IEEE Blended Learning Program Expands the Hands-on Lab to New Locations in India 
NEWS | Published: Jun 14, 2016

Spurred by the popularity, IEEE Blended Learning Program now hosts on campus hands-on lab experience for the benefit of engineering students, faculties and corporate professionals across India. The program offers easy and convenient options by helping learners enroll in required courses sooner and providing on campus hands-on lab facilities. 

If you are interested to have the Blended Learning Program in VLSI at your university or organization campus, we encourage you to request your Head of Department (HOD) or HR/Training & Development Manager to submit an inquiry here

Introducing IEEE Blended Learning Program's New Informational Video
NEWS | Published: Jun 14, 2016

IEEE Blended Learning Program has released a new informational video showing how this unique advanced training program can help students and engineers gain the practical, hands-on skills top technology companies are looking for.

This five minute video highlights the latest trends and opportunities in the VLSI industry, the key components of the program, different perspectives of industrial experts’ on the semiconductor industry and how the program can help improve career prospects in VLSI. The video also features some of the students’ learning experiences and how IEEE Blended Learning Program added value to their engineering degree. Watch the complete video here.

IEEE Blended Learning Program to launch a new course in April 2016
NEWS | Published: Feb.1, 2016

Everything that has been designed has to be verified. For ASICs, the verification task somehow has been growing exponentially with the design complexity. Did you know that the verification consumes up to 70% of the ASIC design cycle? There are more opportunities in RTL Verification than any other sub domains of an IC design.

IEEE plans to release a new course in VLSI- Advanced RTL Verification using SystemVerilog in early April 2016. Learn to develop the testbench, Learn to write and debug the tests, Learn to debug the ASIC design.

Equip yourself to be a successful verification engineer!

Look for the demo course on the platform during fourth week of March, 2016.

Introducing new, advanced features in IEEE’s ‘Ask an Expert’ forum
NEWS | Published: Jan.1, 2016

Ask an Expert’ forum is now better than ever to make it very easy for students, faculty and professionals to get answers to technical questions related to any of the Blended Learning course content. You can easily:

  • Post technical questions to understand a concept better or learn more about a topic. You can post questions, assign tags (keywords), or attach one or more files.
  • View questions posted by others for the same course by tags, date range, or other metadata. View answers to questions posted by you or others.
  • Post follow-up questions to any previously answered questions to request additional clarifications.

Enroll into one of the BLP courses currently available to get started.

IEEE Blended Learning Program is now on your favourite Social Networks
NEWS | Published: Jun. 2, 2015

Follow the IEEE Blended Learning program on our new social media pages designed to offer the latest news and updates from our unique application-oriented, advanced training in industrial practices for the Semiconductor industry!
You can find us and other IEEE BLP learners on your favourite social networks. Just click on the below buttons to 'like' and 'follow' us!

IEEE Blended Learning Program Announces a New Course in VLSI in May 2015
NEWS | Published: May 5, 2015

IEEE announces the availability of three new courses in VLSI:

  • Fundamentals of Static Timing Analysis for Undergraduate Students
  • Advanced Static Timing Analysis for Postgraduate Students and Faculty
  • Static Timing Analysis for VLSI Engineers for Corporate Employees
The demo courses are now available on the platform.

New batch of 50 students complete the course - RTL Verification using Verilog
NEWS | Published: May 2-3, 2015

Over 50 students from various institutions enrolled for the course - RTL Verification Using Verilog on May 2nd & 3rd, 2015. The students successfully completed the e-Learning component and experienced hands-on training in an instructor-led lab. The students also received IEEE Certificate of Completion upon completing an online assessment at the end of the lab session.

Students gain practical, system design perspective by completing IEEE’s Blended Learning Program course – Logic Design for VLSI Engineers
NEWS | Published: Mar. 14-15, 2015

This was the first batch of students to complete the course - Logic Design for VLSI Engineers. The students gained practical, system design perspective on optimization techniques, as well as their application in the design, simulation and verification of electronic circuit designs. This prepared them to take advanced courses like Static Timing Analysis in VLSI.

IEEE whips up teaching innovation in education blender
NEWS | Published: Dec. 22, 2014 – EETimes India

Last month, when we spoke with Harish Mysore, director, India Operations, IEEE, he revealed efforts underway to patch India's educational issues with what is being called Blended Learning. This follows that topic with a demonstration delivered by Sunil Gupta, director, Product Innovation, and Lavanya Sayam, product design manager, IEEE.

IEEE attacks employability gap with 'blended programmes’
NEWS | Published: Nov. 19, 2014 – EETimes India

We've been here before. Back in 2010, when we discussed the complaints from the industry that education was not meeting their expectations, we brought the two sides together in an open discussion (see this). Has anything changed since then? When I recently spoke with Harish Mysore, director, India Operations,IEEE, efforts are indeed being made to take education closer to what the industry needs. Behind many of these efforts are engineers like you and members of IEEE.

IEEE outlines 'blended learning' programme under RV VLSI
NEWS | Published: Feb. 05, 2014 – EETimes India

In past two years, we have seen couple of educational programmes rolling out to serve the electronics and semiconductor sector in India. In response to the India chip fab approvals, academia as well as industry are coming together to create a specialised talent pool to serve the electronic system design and manufacturing (ESDM) market, which is expected to reach $400 billion by 2020.

Last year, we saw IIT-Bombay partnering with Applied Materials to come up with a seven-day course in IC manufacturing, and now we see world's largest professional association IEEE coming up with an e-learning programme in very large scale integration (VLSI).

Programme to train engineers for the VLSI segment to be launched
NEWS | Published: Jan. 7, 2014 - The Hindu

Link for the article -
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