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The IEEE Blended Learning Program in VLSI employs the latest in applied and immersive e-Learning techniques in combination with extensive hands-on practice. This engaging online learning approach to reinforce core concepts is then coupled with highly effective and proven in-person instruction and hands-on applied training in a lab. VLSI professionals and students build competency and skills necessary to create complex products with the leading EDA tools used in the semiconductor industry.

This dual in-depth blended-learning approach complements academic learning with training in industrial practices to prepare engineering students and professionals for a successful career in the semiconductor industry. The program includes:

  Infrastructure comprised of core labs and facilities equipped with the latest Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools.
  Instructors with many years of experience in the industry.
  Curriculum designed using industry input and reviewed by leading IEEE experts from academia and the VLSI industry.

With the Blended Learning Program in VLSI, learners have the convenience of “anytime” learning using an advanced online e-Learning platform. This proven approach provides students the confidence to build a career in the semiconductor field and equips engineering professionals with the skills to quickly become much more productive in their work.

The Blended Learning Program in VLSI is based on a best practice structure designed to optimize the learning experience. The program introduces concepts in an easy to understand manner and reinforces application of those concepts at every stage — during practice in a simulation environment, assessments, and hands-on labs to make the training highly effective. This approach makes the program more engaging and rewarding for students, further increasing its training effectiveness and accelerating the learning process.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements
In order to use the Blended Learning Platform, a laptop or a desktop computer with following configuration is recommended:
  1. Any processor with dual core or above configuration
  2. 512 MB RAM (2-4 GB recommended)
  3. LAN / WAN, Wi-Fi, or 2G/3G (Minimum 256 kbps connection). Note that the performance with lower speeds might be significantly degraded
  4. Sound card and speakers to listen to the audio during e-Learning
  5. Screen resolution – 1024 x 768 or higher
Software Requirements
  1. Flash player 9 or above
  2. One of the following browsers
    1. Windows
      1. Internet Explorer 9.0 or above
      2. Mozilla Firefox 10 or above
      3. Google Chrome 15 or above
    2. Linux / Mac
      1. Mozilla Firefox 10 or above
      2. Google Chrome 15 or above
  3. Pop-up blocker must be disabled
  4. Speakers must be configured correctly for listening to the audio during e-Learning.
Recommended Domain Specialization
  Students/Recent Graduates
  Faculty Members
  New Hires/Practicing Engineers
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